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02/03/15 | 20 h 38 min

Tibetans at mass gathering commit to uphold virtues


Phayul lundi 2 mars 2015

DHARAMSHALA : Hundreds of Tibetans gathered for three days at a monastery in Zamthang County in Ngaba to mark the completion of three years of commitment to virtuous behavior.

The Tibetans, mostly nomads living in three villages – Gong Gyu, Karthok and Namda in Zamthang County – held a three-day religious gathering to recommit themselves to virtuos behavior in their communities, especially quitting killing, stealing or gambling.

The gathering from Feb. 25 – 27 held at Choje monastery, Dzekar Lhamo Thang in Zamthang County, was held to bring harmony and friendship among the Tibetans, the RFA reported.

People from all ages were in attendance at the monastery, where the three villages took turns to take vows during the three days.

“On the first day, the members of Gong Gyu village—especially the younger members—renewed their vows and commitments,” RFA quoted a source.

“Then, on the second day, the residents of Karthok village took part. And on the third day, the male residents of Namda village restored their vows and committed themselves to maintain them.”

The decision to convene the vow – taking gatherings was taken at a two-day meeting on Feb. 14-15. The meeting unanimously decided to discuss the issues of harmony and friendship within the Tibetan community.